Have you heard your students talk about R.O.A.R. tickets or fun activities that they have earned at school? This is just a small piece of Kirschen’s PBIS (Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports). PBIS is a multi-tiered system of supports for students that improves social, emotional, and academic outcomes for all, including students with various challenges. At Kirschen, some of the supports are the following:

  • Monthly incentives

  • R.O.A.R. store

  • Sierra Vista Mentorship program

  • Behavior Support Specialist

  • Student Assistance Specialist

  • Daily Check Ins with office staff

  • Student Success Team

  • Wide variety of academic intervention support during the day and before and after school

  • RISE intervention program

PBIS photo collage

2022-2023 Monthly Incentives

2021-2022 Monthly Incentives table